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Who I am as a person

Take it or leave it this is me.

My name is Forrest Macfarlane, I am a Licensed Professional Counselor in the state of Texas.  I have been married to my wife Nicole for over 15 years (most of them happily).  I received my Bachelor of Science in Rehabilitation Studies from the University of North Texas (UNT) in 2007, and my Master of Education in Counseling from UNT in 2010.  Before becoming a counselor, I led an eclectic life, serving for 10 years in the US Navy, before being medically retired.  After the Navy I spent time working for Department of Defense, for various agencies and non-profits as an  addictions counselor, and as a Pastor in a local church in the inner city of Dallas.  Additionally, I trained in Mixed Martial Arts and competed in Judo.  Presently I teach a Judo Class at Mezger’s Martial Arts.

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Who I am as a Counselor

Maybe not the counselor your used too, but maybe the counselor you need.

As a counselor I pride myself in being a bit different.  While I utilize traditional Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) methods, I do so in the context of an active and supportive counseling relationship.  CBT has traditionally been viewed as a cold and clinical method, and truth be told the way many implement CBT, it is.  My brand of CBT relies on an intimate counseling relationship to work with you to identify the problematic thought processes and belief systems, that drive your negative symptoms and behaviors.
I am by any definition an active and directive counselor.   If you want someone to repeat your own words back to you, please get a parrot, that isn’t me.  I am a corrective lens, not a reflective one.  I am not inclined to ask you “how do you feel about that” I am guessing not great or you would not be in counseling.  Feelings are transient based on thinking; change the way you think, you will feel better.   You may have guessed by now I like to use humor, it is an important part of my philosophy of counseling.  I believe that taking ourselves too seriously is dangerous; humor helps us maintain a healthier perspective. 
I keep my client load intentionally low.  I am a quality over quantity provider.  I don’t believe caring for people is, or can be, a mass production endeavor.   Because I maintain limited availability and to  to ensure clients get the best of me as therapist, I screen every potential client.  This screening is done through a no cost consultation, which is essentially a two-way interview.  On my end, I am looking to see if a relationship potential exists and that the relationship is one, I can invest in as a therapist.  Additionally, I am looking to see if they are a good candidate for CBT.  Not everybody is a good candidate for cognitive therapy.   
As for the client I ask them to evaluate me for the potential to trust and be vulnerable with me.  If a client does not trust me or is unwilling to be vulnerable and honest with me, they are wasting their time and money.  I understand that I am not for everyone, but for those who do connect and are willing to be vulnerable with me, they will have an advocate and guide willing to walk their path with them.

About : About Me
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