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Grief & Loss

It's more than just a process, it's a journey

Grief & Loss: FAQ

How long does it take to grieve a loss?

Like counseling grief is a process, each individual will go through stages or phases of grief at their own pace.  For some they move through quickly for others they take a bit longer.   The problem arises when grief becomes complex or people get stuck in the process.  There are many reasons for an individual to have complex grief, far too many to address here.

What type of counseling do you offer for grief?

I am a cognitive behavioral therapist, as such most of my techniques are derived from this model.  With CBT we focus on separating the loss from the memories to help retain a healthy connection mentally and emotionally to your loved one, relieving the pain over time.   Over time  pain and loss give way to acceptance and gratitude. Leaving you reconnected to the memories of your loved one.

How do I explain what I am going through to others who tell me to just move on?

Nobody has the right to tell you how to grieve, or for how long.  But it is important to listen to others, not for instructions on how to grieve, but for signs that you are stuck in the grieving process.  During this conversation it is important to explain that you are grieving, and that your process is personal and that you are working through the process at your own pace.  As stated, listen to their concerns and be open to the possibility you may be stuck.  If you are, it is important to get help, so you can resolve the stuck point and finish the process.

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Saying Goodbye to our four legged family members

A healthier way to process the loss

Pet grief is grief just like any other.  But at times it isn’t supported or validated by others.  Grieving the loss of a pet can be complex and artificially abbreviated because of social pressure or expectations.  In many respects we have closer relationships with our pets than we do with many of the humans in our lives.  Pets are our closest most trusted companions, our comforter, protector and playmate.  Losing a pet is losing a 4-legged family member.

Grief & Loss: Welcome
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